Keishi Tanaka



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1. Crybaby’s Girl
2. Just A Side Of Love feat. LEARNERS
3. Another Way (is so nice)
4. Floatin’ Groove
5. Hello
6. 秘密の森
7. 9月の甘い香り
8. Wonderful Seasons
9. 傘を持たない君と音楽を
10. 冬の青 feat. Ropes
11. あこがれ
12. 真夜中の魚
13. I Like It
14. It’ s Only My Rule
15. 透明色のクルージング feat. fox capture plan
16. Like Her
17. Hello, New Kicks
18. 素敵な影の結末
19. 夜の終わり

1. 冬の青 feat. Ropes (Studio Session ver.)
2. Anything You Want (John Valenti cover)
3. More Today Than Yesterday (Spiral Starecase cover)
4. Look For The Silver Lining (Chet Baker cover)
5. Oh Lori (Alessi Brothers cover)
6. せかいの車窓から (ザ・なつやすみバンド cover)
7. Humming
8. Twin Songs feat. TGMX
9. City Bounce (Keishi Clapin’ mix for Sawagi)
10. Hello, New Kicks (Kai Takahashi -LUCKY TAPES- remix)
11. Floatin’ Groove (Manceau remix)
12. It’s Only My Rule (George -Mop of Head- remix)
13. 傘を持たない君と音楽を (fox capture plan remix)
14. Crybaby’s Girl (Nite Own remix)